Elijah Daniels Seminole Scout

Elijah Daniels

Seminole (Creek) Scout

Elijah Daniel was born in Arkansas. He enlisted with the Scouts in October of 1871 and served until May of 1876. Sometime after 1878 he served as Chief of the Seminole Negroes. Mr. Daniel died on 12 January 1908 and is buried in the Seminole Negro Scout Cemetery in Brackettville, TX

The Elijah Daniels Band of Seminole-Negroes came from Fort Duncan at Eagle Pass to Fort Clark during the summer of 1872 establishing a village below the fort along Las Moras Creek. These remarkable men, and their descendants, faithfully served the U.S. Army as Scouts with uncommon gallantry for 42 years until the unit was disbanded in September 1914. No Scout was ever lost or wounded as a result of action with the enemy! Although the scouts never at any time mustered more than fifty men, four scouts won the congressional medal of honor for their conspicuous bravery and coolness under fire.

“It might as well be understood at once that no distinction will be made in reference to color of soldiers wearing the uniform of the United States.”  – Lt. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan

courtesy – Fort Clark Museum
Brackettville, Texas


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